About Us

Mark Steltz, RPh, MBA


The energy and vision behind e-PharmPro is the CEO, Mark Steltz. Mark is a registered pharmacist, with over twenty years of experience in the industry. He is a graduate of the University of Sciences in Philadelphia and received his MBA in Business Administration from Drexel University.

The philosophy behind the company comes from Mark’s commitment to lead the company into the future with innovative services and products.

e-PharmPro quickly grew due to his strong, fundamental, and unyielding belief that if we provide quality service with a failure-is-not-an-option mentality, repeat business and growth will occur.

e-PharmPro has grown into the largest privately held remote order entry service in the country. The organization’s name has become synonymous with quality, integrity, success, and the ultimate in patient safety.

Kevin Mullarkey

Vice President

Kevin Mullarkey graduated from Penn State, University Park, in 1989 where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. After graduation Kevin began a career in sales and marketing with a large Fortune 500 company. He worked there for seven years. In 1996 he founded Alliance Business Systems, Inc, which provides direct mail solutions to medium and large corporations nationwide.

While successfully managing Alliance Business Systems, Kevin met Mark Steltz. After careful research into the growing demand for pharmacy review of all patient medications he became immediately interested in Mark’s idea to assist hospitals nationwide in providing 24/7 pharmacy review. In 2005 Kevin joined e-PharmPro as a business partner and as Vice President. In this role, Kevin began to work closely with customers to gain a thorough understanding of the need to help hospital facilities develop a cost effective solution to the growing need for 24/7 medication review. Kevin’s enthusiasm for telepharmacy along with his strong business insight makes him a natural fit for Mark’s vision of e-PharmPro.

Timeline of Our History

  • Preliminary conception of e-PharmPro’s hospital service
  • e-PharmPro becomes fully operational
  • e-PharmPro begins servicing hospitals
  • e-PharmPro services grows to 9 states
  • e-PharmPro signs first contract with large health system
  • Preliminary conception of e-PharmPro’s long-term care service
  • e-PharmPro creates a partnership with a full-service information technology firm to formulate internal systems to strengthen its quality of service to customers
  • e-PharmPro develops eQ, a pharmacy document management system for internal use.
  • e-PharmPro begins servicing long-term care facilities
  • eQ becomes available to hospital and long-term care customers
  • e-PharmPro upgrades eQ, enabling the system to interface with hospitals’ CPOE (Centralized Physician Order Entry) system through an HL7 interface
  • e-PharmPro’s service expands to 16 states
  • e-PharmPro relocates Corporate Headquarters
  • e-PharmPro new website goes live
  • e-PharmPro’s service expands to 19 states
  • e-PharmPro offers consulting services to hospitals and health systems
  • e-PharmPro begins to support large health systems through pharmacy operating system conversions
  • e-PharmPro’s Long Term Care division expands to cover 12 states
  • e-PharmPro creates interface solutions to hospitals manage paper and CPOE orders more efficiently
  • e-PharmPro’s Hospital Divisions grows to cover over 22 states including Hawaii and the Virgin Islands
  • e-PharmPro begins helping hospitals manage the challenge of the Medication Reconciliation Process